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2015 Detasseling Season
SPRING 2015 - March 14, 2015

We are slowly getting ready for the 2015 detasseling season. We will be updating our message within the next weeks.

Joe, Tim and Lori

REMINDER: If your worker is not feeling well, injured, not rested... They should NOT come to work. When they are better they may then return to work.


1. Drink plenty of water the day before you start.
2. Bring 10 dollars cash for a camelbak - highly recommended!!
3. Eat a good breakfast and get plenty of rest the night before you work.
4. Dress for the weather, wear light colored clothing that will cover your arms and legs. We highly encourage you to wear long sleeve cotton shirts and apply suntan lotion daily.
5. Let us know if you have any special medical conditions such as inhalers or epi-pens.
6. Always respect others.
7. Be prepared to work, we will make it enjoyable for you if you have the right attitude.
8. Try to use footwear that is comfortable and supportive of your ankles...we will do alot of walking.
9. If you see a deer in the field ...yell out deer to fellow workers. (This is new this year.)
10. Lastly, we are excited to start the season and look forward to working with a great group of kids.

Joe, Tim and Lori.

PAY INFORMATION is under the News/Calendar Tab.
ALL PAYROLL QUESTIONS go to Lori - please send her an email or call. Thanks

We are not responsible for electronics, i.e., cell phones, I-pods, etc.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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